Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This part of Spring Break is what we hate. We don't need more laws but need to enforce what we have in place. I'm sure this is many places. We truly love our town in CB and are trying from letting it become another tourist altered place in Florida even we do love having visitors enjoy our town.

Check this video from Sunday. Thanks to The Surfrider Foundation in CB and many local people like myself who care, we cleaned it up, also Richard, the can man, comes  daily and collects all the can's on the beach, even when CB PD tows his car when cleaning cans up on our beach. Sounds backwords right?   

Laws designed for the beach to be cleaned, I bet not one ticket has been given to anyone, ok, maybe one years ago.

 Two great friends Glenn and Tanya and two of our officers in the backround on their phones just enjoying the day.

No Glass, No Littering, No tolerance. 

Coconuts and Beach Shack in CB last Sunday had to be the dirtiest beach at the end of the day, due to the non beach living Assholes that left all their trash on the beach after having their fun.  We organized a local group together along with Bruce who runs the Central Florida Surfrider Foundation and stayed until 10 at night to clean up all of the crap they left, So did Richard the can man.