Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shuttle launched today. Just a have a nice evening wish!

Still haven't dealt with my cord situation which means no shuttle launch pics from today, I have some cool stuff I can post. Just got Brad and the guys in Aus some tickets to Iron maiden. They are playing in Brisbane on the 26th. Just a day. Started a crazy workout with my lady. Ill show you some before pictures. I've got 60 days to show my 24 pack which I would almost be emberassed to have as a man and most likely will never. One question, why is Jersey Shore living in and promoting the most promiscuous stuff that MTV has ads preventing? This show is so popular.  Such a rediculous display of what ever these juice heads are thinking is the way you behave at the beach.  Yo by the way, back in the day was not last week.  This has gotten out of control. It's also kind of humorous.  SS Babbling, tired.