Saturday, February 19, 2011

Everest, Pipeline, T-shirt, April. Todays a beach day with the wife, small fun surf and going to fish a little.

Archie, Derek, and myself after a fun little surf at small Pipe.

derek and I after shredding the nar and shooting the curl at the Banzai.

My great friend, avid, climber and adventure man Blair Falahey climbed Mount Everest and brought these pieces of rock from the summit that he sent to me. Blairs triumph to the top of everest was hardfought, many lost lives. I value these good luck charmes and do believe they carry quite a bit of majik. I'll post again how to check out Blairs story online so you can see the battle to Summit and how long it took. the emotional drive that is pushing these guys to the top of these peaks is unimaginable. He  sent me a message one time while camping on the side of a vertical wall,  How the hell can you sleep hanging and emailing. 

Volcom made a shirt in the early 90's with this picture on it by the Rolling Stones with a stone on the tongue.  I know exciting, but it gets better below, to me it does.

Heading to the beach right now to do this.  Good day to all i'll record some of the day and any fish caught or weird things to see. Thanks for checking in.  SS