Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can't find my cord for the Go Pro and the Exilim to download my Daytona 500 Photos.

For now I'll just put up a couple shots of Skippy and I and go buy some connection cords tomorrow. I looked every where for the cords. Just going to watch the office. I'll get some cool stuff up from our weekend in the morn hopefully. I also ran into the Thunderbirds that flew over the race at Five Guys Hamburgers after the race.  I was stoked they recognized me, I recognized them first since they were wearing thunderbird attire, and they told me the Slater Brothers boards I made for them are in their Museum. I feel very honored. Here's a picture front and back of the boards and the first pic is the one we all signed. Really cool. Check out #5, it's upside down because he is always the one upside down when they fly.  SS

Me at small pass Tahiti

Skippy Small pass Tahiti

Me Lobster Tahiti and belly that Im getting rid of as you read.

Skippy Lobster tahiti

Skippy at lances.

Me at Soup Bowl, Barbaodos