Saturday, February 19, 2011

Beach day. Spring break is starting and that seriously sucks for us.

This is the link above to check out Blair, Mount Everest . Sorry not a link just the address, I m not known for my computer ability.  SS

Neighbor John just having a normal day smilin.

My wife and in the backround, well this is why we people watch at the Shack, I hope this spring break all the jackasses that think theres a cleanup crew get the picture we are not dealing with it anymore. Hopefully the local cops will enforce our laws that are in place and we won't have to.  Clean up your crap people no matter where you are.

6th Street, a little champaign. city is one of the last frontiers that you can still have the freedom of having a drink on the beach, fish a little with a beer and your family, unfortunately theres no law about moving into the city and theres a few outsiders that moved in and think we should be like other cities. I say just move there.  Had a great day. After 42 years I don't see the problem. The problem is the people who are trying to move into a town from for instance, middle America, no offense, and think they know better like we have know idea about the rest of the world. We have a pretty nice City, lets just watch out for each other. No More rules or laws, geez.  

Some guy, who is my great friend, smoozing on my lady. Kidding i took the pick and ask for it damit.   Steve is in a band called JEWOP and he is the wop, almost forgot Jen at the Shack.  She rules, look still joking after a long day of dealing with *@?:Ees!

Don't mess with us we are going to throw our stomachs on you and drown everyone. This is the reason I'm going to start the PX-90 deal on Monday after the 500 tomorrow morn. I did have a great surf with Bagel, Pelican Surfboards.