Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Florida Online Drivers Coarse!

Its 1:35, in the AM. This coarse could take a few minutes, but they make you answer these practice questions and wait for the time to catch up to you, because no matter how fast you complete the crap you already know,( sorry, they throw a bunch of statistics at you which everything has statistics) you have to complete it in 4 hours no matter what. 40 min, then 20 min, then 50, then 100,  then etc. I'm just going to power through. Someday we will be doing nothing but taking care of a bunch of constant finance, unless your blesssed enough to have some help, i'm pretty sure it usually takes money, and in April and my case, we have amazing friends. I swear Im really great at lottery scratch offs, just cant buy them. I know I'm going coocoo, but I have 19 minutes before the next section of awesome learning about driving is upon me.

I completed the next section, now I have 44 min until I can do anything, then I will be a safer driver. Even though the cop who gave me the ticket in the first place, if he wouldn't have been there to encourage me to pass a school bus while I was stopping already, beeping his horn and waving, I wouldn't have passed the school bus. This jackass cop completely put our lives and everyone else's in danger and got away with it, and I got a ticket and yelled at. It's obvious he's not in it for protecting our lives (in my opinion). He actually ran me and some other soccer mom off the road after signaling us to go, I had two witnesses with me. I still got the ticket. 4 hour class or bust.  Some cops are just idiots, not all but the one Im talking about is completely, once again,( in my opinion). SS