Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Domonica, Hiking to the Boiling Lake

MIdway energy top of the mountain
Hot sulfur pool

Natural Sulfur mud spa

APril and I did a 7 hour hike, 14,000 man made stairs, 7000 each way in the rain and 60 mph winds, up and down mountains, im not a big fan of heights unless there's snow and a snowboard under my feet. There were hot spring sulfur pools we swam in, steam shooting out of the ground, clouds flying by, and a boiling sulfer volcanic lake fueled by a lava tube. Domonica is a windward Island in the Caribbean known as the nature island, It was once called Kubuli, the first inhabitants were Caribs, but Christopher Columbus went there and discovered people who were already there, claimed it and renamed it from Kubuli to Domonica i was told.. That place is unreal if you want a romantic, healthy, getaway. It stands next to the island of  Martinique and is Virtually untouched by tourism, just beautiful. i know its shaky but it's a bit of nature filmed with my go-pro on my head.