Monday, December 27, 2010


Seansblog is starting a new chapter. The Volcom Hauler has been retired in 2010 but the year has been quite a great surprise. Looking forward to sharing some unpredictible realistic daily activities, experiences, comedy, travel, family, what ever might happen to come up. The profile picture is a pic of me hiking on the Nature Island, a windward Caribbean Island named Domonica, on my honeymoon with my wife April. Heading to the Bahamas in the Morning to go surfing and diving in San Salvador with a good friend Joe Penevich, his family, my step son and wife April. Also a pic of us in a Domonican tide pool on the coast where a bit of Pirates of The Caribbean was filmed.  Such a beautiful,  untouched island.  When Christopher Columbus was on his reign of discovering islands that already had names and people living happily on them, he changed the name from the Island of Kabuli to Domonica.

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