Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Check out a bit of progression from young Cocoa Beach.

This is really cool.  Check out this site and the photos from the early 1900's, when Cocoa Beach was first incorporated until now. I've been here since I was born in 69' and my parents since the early 60's. Gone through a few changes. I remember bowling at the bBeach Bowl. It was still around when we were in high school, now its a lovely Beach wave that sells .50 bodyboards and .99 beach towels and I think you get a free hermit crab with a purchase of anything.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Skippy and his friend

Been neglecting the blog a little. I try and update daily but left the computer in the Slater Brothers Office. I'll get on it. Been a bit under the weather.  Here's Skippy and a raccoon that thinks his ball is food.  SS

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A few Random pics before sleep.

Volcom Hauler in Tampa last year sometime when I was driving it all over the nation,
Me with Elvis.
Congrats to Kelly for winning the quik event in Aus to kick of the year  in the lead.
A nice artsy picture of my wife I really love. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Yesterday, Skippy's Bday. Golfing, animals, very nice day.

Skippy b-day ribbon.
Found a softshell turtle in the middle of the fairway
This raccoon stole my sunflower seeds out of my cart we call him hunchback.
Awesome looking bird.
Gator sitting on the bank. There are always a bunch of gators on the Cocoa Beach golf coarse. yesterday we saw about 15.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Enough of that back to fishing, here's a friend cleaning some flounder, no they aren't halibut.

 A good friend was cleaning some flounder so I thought I'd blog it.
One sided head if you've never seen a flounder.

I hope everyone has seen fish cleaned before, 

JoJo human Boston Terrier. She was their with me running around.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This part of Spring Break is what we hate. We don't need more laws but need to enforce what we have in place. I'm sure this is many places. We truly love our town in CB and are trying from letting it become another tourist altered place in Florida even we do love having visitors enjoy our town.

Check this video from Sunday. Thanks to The Surfrider Foundation in CB and many local people like myself who care, we cleaned it up, also Richard, the can man, comes  daily and collects all the can's on the beach, even when CB PD tows his car when cleaning cans up on our beach. Sounds backwords right?   

Laws designed for the beach to be cleaned, I bet not one ticket has been given to anyone, ok, maybe one years ago.

 Two great friends Glenn and Tanya and two of our officers in the backround on their phones just enjoying the day.

No Glass, No Littering, No tolerance. 

Coconuts and Beach Shack in CB last Sunday had to be the dirtiest beach at the end of the day, due to the non beach living Assholes that left all their trash on the beach after having their fun.  We organized a local group together along with Bruce who runs the Central Florida Surfrider Foundation and stayed until 10 at night to clean up all of the crap they left, So did Richard the can man.

Daytona 500 a couple clips.

Been having some technical difficulties. Hopefully their finished.  Here's a small couple video's from the first wreck in the 500 from the big screen above the garages and the Thunderbirds flying over at the end of the National anthem. Really cool.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shuttle launched today. Just a have a nice evening wish!

Still haven't dealt with my cord situation which means no shuttle launch pics from today, I have some cool stuff I can post. Just got Brad and the guys in Aus some tickets to Iron maiden. They are playing in Brisbane on the 26th. Just a day. Started a crazy workout with my lady. Ill show you some before pictures. I've got 60 days to show my 24 pack which I would almost be emberassed to have as a man and most likely will never. One question, why is Jersey Shore living in and promoting the most promiscuous stuff that MTV has ads preventing? This show is so popular.  Such a rediculous display of what ever these juice heads are thinking is the way you behave at the beach.  Yo by the way, back in the day was not last week.  This has gotten out of control. It's also kind of humorous.  SS Babbling, tired.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can't find my cord for the Go Pro and the Exilim to download my Daytona 500 Photos.

For now I'll just put up a couple shots of Skippy and I and go buy some connection cords tomorrow. I looked every where for the cords. Just going to watch the office. I'll get some cool stuff up from our weekend in the morn hopefully. I also ran into the Thunderbirds that flew over the race at Five Guys Hamburgers after the race.  I was stoked they recognized me, I recognized them first since they were wearing thunderbird attire, and they told me the Slater Brothers boards I made for them are in their Museum. I feel very honored. Here's a picture front and back of the boards and the first pic is the one we all signed. Really cool. Check out #5, it's upside down because he is always the one upside down when they fly.  SS

Me at small pass Tahiti

Skippy Small pass Tahiti

Me Lobster Tahiti and belly that Im getting rid of as you read.

Skippy Lobster tahiti

Skippy at lances.

Me at Soup Bowl, Barbaodos